Team Registration

Entry fee: $200 per team

Tournament Qualifications:

  • Teams can submit rosters of up to 20 players, only 15 of those players can be rostered per game

  • A player is considered a Fresh player if as of July 11th it has been less than 1 year since they passed the minimum skills test the first time (special circumstances will be considered on a case by case basis)*

  • All fresh players participating must have passed their league's minimums skill test and have insurance in order to play in this tournament

  • A team can be made up of all fresh players from your league, or you may wish to collaborate with another league and make a new fresh team. If you are collaborating please indicate which leagues are on your roster

* Any player that has played in a previous Fresh and the Furious tournament is not eligible to play again under any circumstances. If you have concerns about a player's status, please email with when they passed their minimum skills test for the first time as well as when they went on and off hiatus. Cumulative time on skates can not be longer than 12 months. Any player granted an exemption will be clearly listed on the team's roster on the website. This tournament is rostered based on the honour system. Any player found to have been rostered who does not fall under the tournament's definition of fresh and was not explicitly granted an exemption will not be allowed to participate in the tournament and their team may be disqualified.


Team registration opening soon!

Teams that wish to register can do so until May 1st by filling out this form, then sending payment. Payment must be received no later than May 1st, however, be aware that if more than 16 teams sign up, spots in the tournament will be given out in order of tournament fee payment date.

  1. Click here to Register

  2. Click here to pay

Refunds for teams that wish to drop out of the tournament will not be given after May 1st. Full refunds will be provided prior to this date.


A month before the tournament date we will provide an excel file teams will be asked to fill out. This spreadsheet is for rosters and must include each skater's:

  • Real Name

  • Derby Name

  • Derby Number

  • Insurance Number

  • How long as of the tournament date they will have been skating since passing minimum skills the first time

If this information is not filled out in full for a skater, that skater will not be allowed to participate in the tournament. We also request you provide the names of your bench staff (4 per team). This info will all be in the spreadsheet we send you, don't worry, you don't have to try to remember.

The deadline for completed roster submissions is June 29th, and changes to submitted rosters will be allowed up until this time.

Please note, this tournament will be played under the WFTDA ruleset, and illegal skater numbers will not be permitted. Please see the WFTDA ruleset for guidelines regarding acceptable numbers.